Wondering Why Everyone is Moving to Austin?

If you were to ask a panel of recent Austin transplants why they moved to Austin you’d probably get a variety of responses, ranging from the cost-of-living to work or maybe the great weather. I’ve known a lot of people who’ve moved here over the years and it is the very rare bird who doesn’t agree that Austin is the bees knees. Used to be, Austin’s greatness was a fairly well-kept secret, but sometime over the last 15 years someone let the cat out of the bag and Austin has become a hotspot that has just kept getting hotter.

Those of us who live here might try to put words to why we love the area but putting words to it is a challenge. The city exudes a “feeling” that’s welcoming – to people and businesses alike. Feelings may be difficult to quantify but Complete Web Resources has put together an at-a-glance infographic that does a fabulous job of summarizing the many reasons that explain “Why Everyone is Moving to Austin”.