Water, water every where. Not.

Water has been in the Austin news a lot lately as it has become a huge topic of the current legislative session and recent reports that predict the drought will continue into the near future. As Texas’ population grows and our water resources are shrinking conservation is more important than ever. Austin Water is a national leader in conservation programs and offers numerous rebates and other incentives for residential and business customers to reduce their water use.

I’ve mentioned xeriscaping as a way to not only beautify and increase the value of your home, but also to reduce water use. Austin Water recognizes this by offering a waterwise landscaping rebate of $25 for every 100 sq. ft. of space converted from turf grass to native plant bed and permeable hardscape for a maximum rebate of $1250. Applications are accepted twice a year with this spring’s deadline set for March 31. Only the first 100 applications are awarded rebates, so get your plan in early.


Austin Water also offers rebates for rainwater collection systems, irrigation system upgrades (along with free inspections of your current system), switching to a water-saving washing machine, and pressure regulation valves (which regulate the water pressure in your home and help reduce water waste). In addition to rebates, Austin Water offers free showerhead and faucet aerators (can reduce water use by up to 2 gallons per minute), free tree gaiters, and soil moisture meters.

Austin is currently under Stage 2 watering restrictions which limits homeowners to watering their lawn once per week.