Twas the Night Before Christmas (And We Need A New House!)

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Twas The Night Before Christmas…

Twas the Night Before Christmas

And all through the home,

The family concluded they

Need more room to roam.

So many ornaments were collected

All through the years,

No space to hang them

Was raising their fears.

Ringing their hands,

They paced and they paced,

Wondering what to do,

With the quandary they faced.

They decided to call

Someone in the know

Someone who helped others

When square feet seemed low.

The REALTOR®, Sherri Williams,

Popped into their head

Like visions of sugar plums

Their minds being led.

Sherri came over

And had a great thought

Let’s think about

Something great to be bought.

They listed their home

That very day

And their house indeed sold

Almost right away!

She then started looking

To find something new

To help this family

Whose reward was long overdue.

The perfect home came up right away

And Sherri just knew that they would shout hurray!!

They moved in quite soon

And fixed up their house

Everyone was happy

Including Mom, kids and spouse.

That next Christmas

Settled in so snug

The family was ecstatic

And joined in a hug.

There was more room to decorate

And set up the tree

They danced Christmas Day

With elation and glee!

So if this Christmas

Your house seems a bore

Just call Sherri

And worry no more!!!

I Wish You a Very Happy Holiday!

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