‘Tis the Season to Vote

After months of polls and debates it is finally election season. This year’s ballot is chock full of candidates and propositions and many races promise to be close ones.

Voter turnout has risen slowly but steadily in Travis County over the last 16 years but still hovered right at 2/3 of registered voters in the 2008 election, slightly higher than the national average. 75% of ballots cast in the last Presidential election were during early voting. Early voting is open until November 2.

Click here to find an early voting polling location that works best for you.

Click on one of the following links to view sample ballots and a summary of general election races.

Summary of Ballot Races in Travis County.

Sample ballot of Presidential and general election.

Sample ballot of Cities and Central Health.

The privilege of voting is one of our most sacred rights as Americans and I urge all of you to take the time to learn the issues, form an opinion and let your voice be heard. Vote!