Tips For Selling Your Home

Stage Your Home Before You Put It On The Market

Don’t put your home on the market before it’s ready. A recent study showed that well-prepared homes sold in half the time as unstaged (unprepared) homes. In the same study, the staged homes sold at their asking price (or above!) compared to 2% below asking for unstaged homes.

You only have one chance to make a first impression when putting your home on the market! Home “staging” is critical to showing your home in its best possible light, and we’ve compiled a few tips to get you started.


Landscaping is an important sales factor according to Inman News Features. Some experts say that good landscaping can increase property value by as much as 10%. Curb appeal has always been important, but with a growing number of homebuyers viewing properties online, the way a home looks on the outside is becoming an even bigger factor.

Home sellers can landscape yards themselves or can consult with nurseries or landscape designers. Many nurseries will provide landscape plans free of charge to customers who purchase plantings. Experts suggest landscaping the front yard first, since it is the most visible, then turning to the back yard and side yards.

Improve the impact of your home’s entry by hosing or power-washing any brick or stone and lining a walkway with plants or decorative stones. If you don’t have a walkway, consider adding one with pavers, brick or stepping stones. Concrete steps and porches can be updated with etching or stain.

Entry way accessories are like jewelry for your home. Update porch light fixtures, buy an extra wide welcome mat, and add porch seating, if you have room, to make your entire home more appealing and inviting. Likewise, remove anything that doesn’t enhance the appearance, such as empty plant pots, water guns or any of those things that we tend not to notice at our own home, but which can send a negative message when we visit someone else’s home..


Take Thoreau’s advice and “simplify, simplify.” Your collection of 4,000 vintage Hot Wheels® displayed proudly on an entire wall in the den may be your pride and joy, but it’s likely to be detrimental to selling your home. You want potential buyers to remember your home, not your hobby.

Brighten and lighten. If your light fixtures on the porch or entry way are dated, replace them. Your foyer may be the “dumping ground” for coats, keys, hats, handbags, briefcases, etc., but while your house is on the market, find other places for those things. Living with a little inconvenience for a while can pay off in a faster sale.

Throughout the House:
Clean the windows, inside and out. Shampoo or replace carpeting. Put any unnecessary furniture or décor in storage–and that doesn’t mean in the garage! The less “stuff” you have in a room, the larger it will appear.

Bathrooms should shine. Stained sinks and corroded fixtures can be relatively inexpensive to replace and make a world of difference in how your home is perceived.

If you have pets, keep the litter box clean and the dog toys put away.

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