Tips For Protecting Your Home While On Vacation

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Vacation time is fast approaching! Now is the time that families are heading to the airport or packing the “family roadster” to head out on vacation.  That’s great!  Have fun!  But, before you leave, there are some things you need to think about so that your home and belongings stay safe while you are away.

Like and Share Another Day

Obviously you don’t want the bad guys to know you are gone.  We all know that right?  So, why do we all post the pics of every rest stop between our house and our destination all over social media?  I’m sure your friends can’t wait to “like” that wonderful photo of your child’s sandcastle on the beach but please don’t forget that you are telling everyone (and I mean…EVERYONE) that you are away.  For example, when you check in at a restaurant, and then another a little further down the road, and then a little further, etc. guess what you just told the Internet (and everyone on it)?  You not only said, “Here is where we like to eat” but you also said, “And we are on vacation and headed away from our home for a while.”

My advice…enjoy your vacation while you are on it.  Make memories and then, when you are back home, relive those memories by posting all over social media so that your friends can enjoy your great photos too.

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Protecting Your Home While On Vacation

Now that we agree that we don’t need to tell the whole world that you are on vacation, let’s not let our local bad guys find out either.

First let’s consider packing the car.  It’s best to put your suitcases into your car while your car is in the garage with the door down.  This way you aren’t announcing to the neighborhood that you are headed out on vacation.

Sara Elliott of has some great tips for all of us to consider before we leave.  She mentions several important tips that you are going to want to review before your next vacation.  Here are just a few:

Make your home look lived in. – If you usually have drapes open, then don’t close them.  Just please make sure that valuables are out of sight.  Place lights on a timer and ask neighbors to keep an eye on your home (take out the trash, take marketing pieces off of your door, etc.)  And, if you are going to be gone for an extended period, remember you will need to hire someone to keep your yard trimmed.

Hold your mail and stop newspaper delivery. – Nothing says “we’re not home” like a bunch of newspapers piling up in your driveway.  You can hold your mail easily online using the United States Post Office website.

Lock It Up!

Set your security system alarm. – An alarm can be a great deterrent to thieves.  But, there are so many different systems it is hard to know which one is best for your home.  Our friends at have made it easy for us.  Check out their easy to read guide entitled, “7 Best Home Security Systems of 2021“!

Lock the doors and windows. – This one seems really, really obvious – doesn’t it?  But, you can imagine how many times people have been overwhelmed with making sure they packed the sunscreen and grabbed their boarding passes and then forget to lock the door.

And, speaking of locking the door, please don’t leave the key under the welcome mat or under that fake rock.  You aren’t fooling anyone – especially the professional thieves.

Have Fun

I hope these tips help you enjoy your vacation a little more.  You shouldn’t be worrying about your biggest investment …your home…while you are trying to relax.  So, take just a little extra time before you leave to secure your home and then go have a blast.  And, please don’t forget to post pics (after you return)!

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