Thinking about Xeriscape?

I think it’s safe to assume most of you out there would agree with me that landscaping can dramatically affect property value, negatively or positively, depending on several factors. If your yard is looking scraggly and parched, or overgrown and crowded you might want to consider updating your landscape. Xeriscape may bring to mind sandy rock gardens and cacti but as it has surged in popularity the options for a xeriscaped lawn have also grown tremendously.

Xeriscaping can increase your home’s value with the added bonus of creating cost-savings through reduced water usage. Besides conserving water, xeriscape yards require less maintenance and fertilizer, adding to your cost savings down the road.

The websites shown below are wonderful resources in the Austin area for information on native, drought-tolerant plants.



Ladybird Wildflower Center:

Xeriscape is functional and practical but incorporating these concepts into your yard also adds color, variety and texture, aka Curb Appeal!