It’s Fantastic To Be a Senior in Austin

Four senior citizens looking down at the camera smiling in a funny and somewhat silly way having fun, seniors in austin tx

“Senior”…that’s a strange word, isn’t it? “Senior.” When we’re young and in high school or college, we can’t wait to be “Seniors!” That means that we have “made it,” put in our time, and we’re about to head on to new and exciting adventures. But when we’re older “Seniors,”...

Assisted Living in Austin and How To Pay For It!

woman with arm around elderly woman who is holding a teacup, assisted living in austin

These are our “golden years” and we want to spend them enjoying family, friends, hobbies, and so much more. Occasionally, we need a little bit of help doing those things. This is where Assisted Living might be a fantastic option. Maybe independent living has become a bit of a...

Senior Living Options in Austin

elderly couple in home, senior living options in austin, senior housing austin

Ever heard that 70 is the new 40?  Well, if not, I say that it is! We aren’t all just living longer – but, I say, that we are living BETTER!  Today’s senior doesn’t always want to sit back in a rocking chair on the front porch and watch...