Staging Your House Makes the Difference

As I have been preparing to start this blog I’ve come to see a few similarities between blogging and selling a home. First impressions are drawn quickly and are absolutely vital to the ultimate success of both.

Staging your home shines a light on all the best aspects of your home and plays a critical role in minimizing the time your house stays on the market and maximizing your selling price. Take a look around your house and view it through the eyes of someone else. Does it sparkle? Or is it overflowing with dollops of your daily life and accumulated collections of tchotchkes? Does it look cherished and loved or cluttered and lived in?

You can stage your home yourself by following these steps or have it professionally staged by hiring a design consultant who specializes in home staging. Thorough cleaning inside and out, repairs, small updates to revitalize your house, and decluttering make all the difference in your house standing out as the one the buyer remembers for all the right reasons.

If your goal is to sell your house quickly and for as much money as possible then take the time before you put your house on the market to stage it and make that first impression fabulous.