Senior Living Options in Austin

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Ever heard that 70 is the new 40?  Well, if not, I say that it is! We aren’t all just living longer – but, I say, that we are living BETTER!  Today’s senior doesn’t always want to sit back in a rocking chair on the front porch and watch the world go by (although sometimes we do…and we’ve earned the right to the rest and relaxation).  Rather, today’s senior likes to be on-the-go, meeting new people, learning new things, and enjoying retirement living.  We’re savvy shoppers too!  And, that includes where we live.  Have you noticed that seniors have more options in how and where we live now?  Senior living options in Austin have become more numerous with more amenities.  Let’s take at look at some.

Independent Senior Living in Austin

Independent senior living is defined as housing that is designed for older adults (generally aged 55+) that do not need assistance, but would rather have less maintenance and upkeep, such as a yard.  They also may be looking for amenities and events for their age groups on or near their property that might be included with rent, HOA dues, etc. gives us a fantastic description of independent living as well as some myths vs. facts.

For a list of senior living options in Austin you may want to search  They have an extensive list including some brand new facilities!

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Assisted Living in Austin

Merriam-Webster defines Assisted Living as, “a system of housing and limited care that is designed for senior citizens who need some assistance with daily activities but do not require care in a nursing home.”  Many seniors feel that assisted living is a great choice for them when they need some assistance, but not full care.  Assisted living can also be a good choice for family.  Family members can rest easier knowing that their loved one has help when needed, but can take care of themselves most of the time.

SeniorHousingNet lists many assisted living communities in the Austin area.  They also offer an engaging map so you can search for assisted living properties within the area of Austin you would prefer!

Nursing Homes in Austin

Of course, sometimes seniors need a bit more care than independent or assisted living communities can provide.  That doesn’t mean that they don’t enjoy nice amenities, friendly staff, and fun events though!  Many Austin nursing homes offer fun activities and great services/amenities so that their residents will feel right at home.

U.S. News & World Report lists for us the “Best 5 Nursing Homes in Austin, Texas.”  There are many nursing home facilities in Austin and some even specialize in the care they give (for example: memory care facilities).  So, you will definitely want to check out all that Austin has to offer when choosing one.

Making the Transition to Senior Care in Austin

Once you have decided that you are ready to move forward with one of these options (whether it’s independent, assisted, or nursing care) the transition can be anxiety provoking.  But, please don’t allow it to be.  I hope you will see this time as an exciting time to move forward, relax, make A LOT of new friends, and have some fun.  By golly, we’ve earned it – after all!

If you need to downsize, Austin has senior downsizing and moving companies that are tailored to seniors.  It’s all they do!

If you are a senior considering downsizing, you will want to consider all of the financial aspects as well.  Please take a look at this wonderful article entitled, “Retired Seniors’ Guide To Downsizing” by our friends at Bankrate.  You will find some handy financial tools to help you plan as you consider downsizing to senior care in Austin.

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