Save your energy

If you’re like me you probably notice the minute fluctuations in gas prices every time you drive by a gas station, or at the very least, when you fill up the tank. While we all seem to pay close attention to daily gas prices we seldom think about our home energy costs. According to Accenture, the average person spends six minutes a year thinking about their home energy use. When gas prices go up you may decide to drive less by carpooling or cycling. There are also many little things you can do that could make a difference in your home energy costs.

These are EASY!

    • Unplug any appliances you don’t use frequently. That extra fridge in the garage? Unplugging could save you $10 a month.
    • Unplug chargers when you’re not charging. Cell phones, cameras, cordless tools, etc…those charging cords continue to sap energy like little vampires as long as they’re plugged in.
    • Use power strips to switch your television, stereo and other electronic equipment off when you’re not using them. Even when they are “off” their combined energy pull could be equivalent to running a 100 watt incandescent bulb.
    • Change your computer settings so your computer will “sleep” after brief times of inactivity.
    • Set thermostat for 68 degrees or less during daytime in winter (55 at night and when you’re away) and 78 or higher in summer. This change could save you BIG bucks!
    • Last but not least…turn out the lights. Use only the lights you need at that time and try to use daylight whenever possible.

These are easy suggestions to incorporate into our daily lives that will make big impact on your energy consumption without being inconvenient or expensive to implement. Start today and you should start to notice a difference on those monthly bills soon.