New Year’s Resolutions: Throw Them Out!

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Happy New Year!  

Did you make any New Year’s Resolutions this year?  Have you kept any of them?  Everyone starts off their year with the best of intentions and approximately mid-January to early February we all start slipping into our comfortable habits, it seems.  So, I say, let’s throw those New Year’s Resolutions out!  “But Sherri,” you say, “I want to get healthier and be a better person.”  To that, I say…wonderful!  Why do we always wait for the beginning of the year to do that?  Let’s make some healthy (and long-lasting) changes now, so that our future can be fantastic!

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New Year’s Resolutions vs. Lifestyle Changes

Please don’t get me wrong.  I am all for getting healthy and becoming a better person.  I just think we should make some changes that last longer that half a month.  Let’s take a look at some examples that we can do right now, that can affect our future for the better.

Trade out some of the “junk” food for healthier items – There are several ways you can do this and not feel like you are “dieting” (which we all know won’t last long).  For example, instead of grabbing that cookie for an afternoon snack, how about a light plain yogurt and fruit?  Or if you love pasta, have you ever tried zucchini cut into “noodle” strips?  With a tasty meat sauce on top, you won’t miss the carbs!  But, if that isn’t your thing, maybe try a whole grain pasta instead.  By simply making a few trades, but not depriving yourself of some of the goodies, you can be on your way to a healthier you (without the crash and burn of a diet resolution gone bad).

Exercise more – This is on everyone’s resolution list.  Why do you think all of the gyms in the area offer such great deals at the beginning of the year?  But, let’s face it, we don’t need to be going from zero to sixty in record time.  Instead, try setting small goals for yourself.  If you haven’t been very active before, but would like to start, try simply getting up and walking around your area for a few minutes every hour.  If you are active and would like to “up your game” a bit, try setting goals (make them achievable) and work up to them each week.

Declutter your space – We all need this one, don’t we.  The new year is a wonderful time to clean out closets and cabinets and get rid of the items that we have all held on to for years.  A great way to begin this daunting process is make three piles in the middle of your floor: (1) to keep (2) to throw away (3) to donate.  Everything should go in one of those piles.  And, a good rule to go by for those items in the “to keep” pile is they should have been used/worn within the last year.

Say a kind word to a stranger – If you have resolved to “be a better person,” try simply complimenting a stranger.  For example, if you see an elderly lady who has on a beautifully knit scarf, simply say, “That is a beautiful scarf.  The color looks great on you.”  Chances are she may have knit it herself, so she can be very proud of that.  But, chances also are that she may be lonely.  Her kids are probably grown.  She may or may not have a spouse any longer.  So, how lovely would it be to make her day by taking a moment out of a busy schedule to brighten it?

Another great way to be a better person is to help “make better people.”  What do I mean by that, you ask?  Become a mentor to a child or teen.  You can volunteer at a local school to read or help them study or simply be someone who is there for them.  I promise – you will get much more out of it than they will.  The reward will be immeasurable!

Move on – Maybe it is time for an entirely new environment.  Has your family expanded?  Maybe it has downsized?  Or, you could just be someone who is ready for a change and wants to take advantage of the Austin real estate market.  Whatever the reason, selling your home right now might be a fantastic idea for you.  If so, please give me a call at (512) 732-3820 or simply click here.

New Year’s Resolutions: Who Needs ‘Em

So, rather than making a new year’s resolution to make a change in your life, BE the change in your life.  A few minor changes in your lifestyle can achieve wonderful goals and you don’t have to feel guilty in early February when you haven’t lost the weight you expected to lose, run the number of miles you expected to run, etc. (which probably weren’t achievable goals anyway…they rarely are with resolutions).

I hope you will try a few of the tips I listed above and have a very happy and healthy New Year!

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