Moving tips – Phase One

Spring and summer are peak moving seasons and planning is the key to a smooth successful move. Making some key decisions and taking some specific actions early on in the moving process will save precious time and avoid stress down the road. Here are a few tips of things to do in Phase 1 of moving that will make life easier when the big day arrives.


Now’s the time to make that walk through every room in your house and decide whether that tchotchke is really worth the physical effort to move it from one house to another. Do you love it? Do you really need a fourth radio, a worn out throw rug, that lamp from college, etc…? Will this fit in your new house? If the answer to any of these questions is NO, put it in the garage sale / donation box or trash it.

Pack Ahead of Time

Pack any items you don’t need now. Use luggage you won’t be using in the immediate future to pack out-of-season clothing, bedding, dishes, cookware, sundries you won’t be needing. Getting these things out of the way now will not only aid in decluttering but save you a big step on the actual moving day.

Have Plenty of Supplies

You’ll need boxes. Most likely, more boxes than you think. There are several ways to collect boxes for free or close to free. Check Craigslist, Freecycle, grocery stores, other retailers. Banks and offices often have sturdy paper and office supply boxes. Talk to friends. It’s surprising how many people know of friends or co-workers who have moved recently and still have boxes taking up half their garage and would just LOVE to have someone take them away. Remember to get a variety of sizes. You’ll also need packing tape and wrapping materials (Packing tip: use towels and sweaters as cushiony wrap for breakables).

Make a List

Whether you make it all pretty on the computer or use a spiral notebook, keep a numbered list of each and every box with a brief description of what is inside the box. Write the corresponding number on the box. That way, you’ll be able to check off boxes as you bring them into the new house and know immediately if anything is missing.

Color Coordinate

Designate a color for each room in your new house (blue for kitchen, yellow for living room, green for master bath, etc…) and put a sticker with the designated color next the number on each box. When moving day arrives put a corresponding sticker on the door of each room. It will be easy for anyone carrying a box into the new house to know exactly where it needs to go.

It may not be possible to make a move completely stress-free, but getting started early and following these steps will reduce stress and help keep the moving process on track.