Moving Tips Part 2 – Your new house

Now that you’ve got all the details worked out on what needs to be done at your current house you can take a look at things that may need to be done at the new house. If there’s time between the previous owner’s move out and your moving in, all the better. You’ll have access to make some changes that will make things easier on you when your moving truck finally pulls into your new driveway.

The first thing you should consider is re-keying the house. The previous homeowners may have given keys to neighbors, family, workers, etc…and you won’t know who does or doesn’t have a key. Re-keying will give you the option of giving keys out to your trusted friends, family and any of your hired professionals who may be helping you during this phase of the process (see below).

Next, think about any changes you’ll be making. Large projects like additions or major renovations should be planned out carefully to avoid delays (and your ultimate move-in date) and going over your budget. If you’re moving into an older home you may want to consider electrical upgrades such as adding GFI outlets to kitchen and baths, installing additional outlets, ceiling fans, extra lighting etc…Painting and flooring changes are other common updates that will be much easier to do before all your belongings make it into the house.

When you’re unpacking and getting things situated in your new house wouldn’t it be nice to have organized closet systems where you can put your clothes and shoes away neatly and forget about it? If you wait to do it until later you’ll have to hassle with moving everything out, living out of suitcases (or piles on the floor). Much easier to do it first and be done with it. There are choices to fit almost any budget from DIY closet systems to elaborate high end combinations that will turn your closet into a luxurious suite!

Hopefully, these pre-move-in suggestions will make the process of moving in much easier in the long run! Happy Moving!