Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

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Mother’s Day is right around the corner (yes…it is coming up on May 8th).  So, I thought we might do something a little different.  In the past, I have given you ideas for things to do in Austin for Mother’s Day (such as local brunches).  But, this year, I thought I would give you some ideas for mom that you may not have thought of (instead of flowers, jewelry, etc).  Enjoy!

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

You want to show mom you love her, but you aren’t sure what to give.  Let’s be creative this year.  Here are a few ideas you may want to consider (and some are extremely budget conscious):

Instead of taking mom out to eat, why not treat her to her favorite lunch/brunch that YOU prepare. Send her a beautiful hand-written invitation. (No…please do not just text her to “come over”).  When she arrives, pull her chair out for her at a lovely table you have set complete with a tablecloth.  Then, pamper her with some delicious treats that you made.  Even if you don’t cook, your mom will appreciate even a frozen waffle that you toasted yourself (top it with some of her favorite berries and you look like an award-winning chef)!

Do you have siblings? If you and your siblings would like to give mom something she will cherish forever, how about recreating some childhood photographs? For example, is there a favorite picture of you and your siblings acting silly, or making funny faces, or simply standing together with your arms around each other from years ago?  Have someone take your picture while you and your siblings do the exact same thing, stand the same way, make the same face, etc.  Then, frame the two pictures side-by-side to give to your mother.

Make your mom a coupon book. Do you remember making those as a kid?  I think every child gave one as a Mother’s Day gift at some point in their childhood.  They would include valuable coupons for her to use such as, “This coupon good for 1 cleaning of my room without grumbling” or “This coupon good for eating all of my peas no matter what.”  How fun would it be to revive this tradition, but with an update.  Your coupon book could now include, “This coupon good for lunch” or “This coupon good for a movie.” (And, then you would treat your mom to those fun outings, of course).  After all, your mom really just wants to spend time with you.  That’s the best gift of all!

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Mother’s Day Gifts: The Gift of Love

As this Mother’s Day fast approaches, consider giving your mom something a bit more meaningful than flowers or jewelry.  Not that moms don’t love flowers and jewelry – they do!  But, moms love to spend time with their kids.

So, this Mother’s Day, whether you can be with your mom or not, I hope you will take time to reflect on all that she has done for you.  Not only did your mom put food on the table, make sure you had a roof over your head, etc., but she loved you as only a mother truly can.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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