It’s Fantastic To Be a Senior in Austin

“Senior”…that’s a strange word, isn’t it? “Senior.” When we’re young and in high school or college, we can’t wait to be “Seniors!” That means that we have “made it,” put in our time, and we’re about to head on to new and exciting adventures.

But when we’re older “Seniors,” we don’t always like the word as much. Sometimes we think we’re old and past our prime.  I say that is absolutely untrue! We need to think of ourselves exactly like the younger version of “seniors.” We have “made it!” We have raised families, had careers, served our country, and so much more.  And we should definitely be ready to head on to new and exciting adventures!

“What Are You Going To Do Next?”

People ask high school and college Seniors, “WHAT are you going to do next?” I would like to ask you, the same thing, “WHAT are you going to be next?” And, since I am an Austin REALTOR®, I’d like to ask you, “WHERE are you going to be next?” There are so many exciting housing options for seniors these days. What are your real estate goals?

In previous articles, I’ve discussed various senior living options in Austin (such as the differences between independent senior living, assisted living, and nursing homes). I do hope you will review those articles.  However, that is not what I’d like to discuss here.

Fantastic Options for Seniors in Austin

This is our time! We have arrived. We are Seniors! (And we wear that badge of honor proudly). I want to remind you of a few options that maybe you haven’t considered when thinking about Austin real estate.

Let’s dream a little:

  • Independent Senior Living – As I mentioned above, I have discussed this option before. Many are choosing to sell their home and move into one of these types of communities. There is a minimum age limit to live in these communities. These types of communities promote a very active lifestyle. Many have “mix and mingle” nights, movie theaters, poker nights, gyms, art studios, dog parks (some even have small yards), travel clubs, etc.  The list goes on and on.
  • Downsizing – Are you an empty-nester and your large home just isn’t what you need anymore? Maybe it’s time for a smaller home and some decluttering.
  • A Home in A Different Area – Maybe you are happy with the size of your home but not where it’s located.  For example, you may want to have your grandchildren come and stay with you for several weeks during the summer. However, where your home is located may not be within a subdivision that offers amenities. You may want to move to an area that offers amenities such as: a pool, splash area, park and playground, tennis courts, etc.
  • Get Away from the Hustle and Bustle – Maybe you’ve lived in the city long enough and you are ready for some peace and quiet. You’ve earned it! The surrounding areas of Austin offer some beautiful properties that are quiet – and some have gorgeous views!
  • Finally Get Your Dream Home – What have you always wanted in a home? Maybe now is the time to finally get that waterfront property you’ve always wanted.  Our Austin area lakes have some beautiful options. (Some even come with a boat slip). Or maybe you’ve always dreamed of a home with a reading nook, a crafting area, or a gourmet chef’s kitchen. Now may be your time to make YOUR dream a reality.

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I hope this has you at least thinking about your options. We’re SENIORS! And that’s exciting! Austin is a fantastic place for seniors to live and stay active – in whatever housing choice is right for you.

I would be honored to chat with you about your options. Please give me a call at 512-771-7082 or you can contact me through my Contact Page on by clicking here. I look forward to hearing from you!

Also, please remember that I have a website page dedicated to Seniors! It’s full of resources and is updated often.