Is The Bed Made?

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So you want to sell your house,

And there’s people coming in,

Looking around at all your things,

And peeking in your den.


Are the kids’ toys all picked up,

Is the sofa looking frayed,

Why are socks on the table,

And is the bed made?


Are the dishes in the kitchen

All done up spic and span,

Is the shampoo put way out of sight,

And the bath cleaned up per plan?


Is the garbage taken out,

Have the rugs been rightly laid,

Has the dog been quite secured,

Oh, and is the bed made?


If you want to have some interest

In your home to get that sale,

There’s just so many things to do,

Or the sale will surely fail.


Another thought to cross your mind

Might be to view the desk,

To make sure there’s no clutter,

And the office looks its best.


So look around and check things out,

Since folks will give a grade,

On whether or not the yard is mowed,

And make sure the bed is made!


I hope this little poem about selling a home put a grin on your face.  There really is a lot to remember when selling your home.  I would love to help you!  Please give me a call at (512) 732-3820 or simply click here today.