How To Buy A House With Cash Before You Sell Your Existing Home!

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So, after months of searching, you have finally found your dream home. It’s perfect! Everything you ever wanted. You reach out to a realtor and you are ready to put in an offer…one problem though you hadn’t considered is…you need to sell your existing house first due to the competitive market. Read on!

The seller of your perfect dream home probably does not want to see you coming at them with a contingency offer.  IF (and that is a big IF) they even entertain your offer, you will need to hope that they do not receive any other offers because, chances are, if they do and another offer comes in without a contingency attached, your dream home will be sold before you ever had a chance.

Buy A House With Cash

What if you are in a multiple offer situation?  (And, at the time of this writing, the Austin real estate market is seeing a lot of multiple offer situations).  If you enter an all-cash offer, do you think that might turn the seller’s head?  We believe it could.  Cash offers are consistently more attractive to sellers than those with financing attached.

We Can Help You Buy A House With Cash Before You Sell Your Existing Home

We want to help you secure your dream home without having to worry about selling your existing home first.  And we want to be sure you can present the seller with a CASH offer, if needed. 

We are Sherri Williams, REALTOR® and Eric Malstrom, REALTOR® . We are proud to represent you as Homeward Certified Agents. What does that mean? That means that we are trained in the Homeward Program which can help you get the cash you need to buy your next Austin area home without selling your existing home first.  We can take you through the entire process from buying your dream home, using cash if needed, to selling your existing home even after you have purchased your new home.

As two licensed Keller Williams REALTORS® who are both certified with Homeward, we focus on your needs on each side of the transaction -selling your current home (Sherri’s specialty) and purchasing your next home (Eric’s specialty).  It is a winning team working for you!

Call Us So You Can Buy A House With Cash Before You Sell Your Existing Home

Not all programs can offer this type of opportunity and not all REALTORS® are certified in the Homeward program.  We’re sure you will have questions but, because we are certified, we have answers.  Please don’t hesitate to call Sherri at 512-771-7082 or Eric at 512-656-3789 or click here to learn more about the Homeward program. 

We look forward to chatting with you!