Home Selling Tips

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For one reason or another, you have decided that it might just be the perfect time to sell your home and relocate. You have taken a great first step…you are obviously interested in getting top dollar for your home because you want to learn some home selling tips!  With a little time and energy, you can get your home in shape for listing.  (And, of course, don’t forget the next important step…you’ll need an experienced REALTOR to get your home sold.  I would love to chat with you!)  Now, let’s look at some great home selling tips!

Home Selling Tips

There are things that can be done to improve the chances of it all working out the way you want it to.  There are some easy and basic home selling tips you can follow to hopefully get a swift sale at the exact price you would like.  Such as:

  • Price Right – Don’t set the price too high from the beginning, as this can turn away prospective buyers
  • Dress Up the Exterior – Planting flowers or replacing sod, for example, can mean a lot as people are driving by
  • Paint  – A little painting can go a long way.  That pink room that seemed like a good idea at the time might not be the perfect color for the average buyer
  • Clean and Declutter – You might want to have a maid service deep clean your home
  • Depersonalize – By taking down family photos, the buyer can visualize living in the home a little easier
  • Stage the Home – If you’ve used a room for something other than its original purpose, consider converting it back
  • Show It Off – Be ready for the home to be shown at any time of the day or evening, and try to be away when the house is shown
  • Freshen Up Fido – Hide pet dishes and litter box.  If pet odors are evident, wash rugs or get carpets cleaned to rid the home of those odors
  • Share Information about Life in the Neighborhood – You are marketing a lifestyle, not just a home, so be sure to offer your REALTOR anything about the area that has been a plus for your family

Some of these ideas are presented to us in a U.S. News and World Report article by Teresa Mears. The article talks about ideas for a quick sale, but even if you aren’t in a huge rush to sell, these concepts certainly apply at any time.  These are some suggestions to get the home ready in a practical sense, but there are always personal aspects of having to get ready for a move.

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Home Selling Tips for the Entire Family

The whole family can be especially helpful when trying to get things done efficiently.  Each child can be responsible for cleaning out their closet and donating toys they don’t play with anymore or clothes that they don’t wear anymore.  For mom and dad, cleaning out closets and the pantry can give the home a sharper look to buyers. It could be just the edge you need for a sale over other homes that haven’t been given that fresh look.

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Getting a home ready for sale and moving without the right help can really be a headache.  But with these suggestions, and with a dedicated REALTOR who has the expertise to make your sale a smooth transition, it can be done seamlessly.  Are you looking to sell your home?  I would love to help you!  Please contact me today at (512) 732-3820 or simply click here and Let’s Get Started!

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