Home Office Organization

One huge advantage in today’s business world is many people are able to work out of their home.  Whether you own your own business, or someone else is the boss, more and more people are finding they can get as much, if not more, work done by not leaving their own turf.  If you are one of the folks able to do this, maybe you have a space designated solely as your home office.  And, recently, many of us have had to find ways to work at home whether we were ready or not – so it may be our dining room table!  Either way, we can keep it tidy and organized.

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Maybe your office doesn’t look this bad (or maybe it does) but whatever it looks like, organizing it can make it more inviting for work.  Home office organization really helps the physical, as well as the mental aspect, to get those job tasks done more efficiently.

Home office organization is paramount.  Being able to find that all important document when someone calls can make or break a wise business move.  If there’s clutter taking over your desk and surrounding areas, you won’t be able to put your hands on what it is you immediately need.  So whatever’s not immediately needed, find a place for it. It’s a lot like decluttering the rest of your home (please check out my blog article on that topic as well)…make stacks to throw away, shred, or keep and file.

Filing as soon as something appears will help tremendously to clear out the excess and keep your home office organized.  Have bins so everything will have its own place, from important paperwork to paper clips and pens.

Take A Look Around

Another idea that you may not have considered is the lighting in the room.  The way the room is lit can have an impact on how everything in the room looks and feels to you.  And, please don’t forget how the lighting on those Zoom calls look!

Also, things that are special to you personally such as art on the wall or your specific decorating tastes can really make the office feel more focused on you, which in turn, attributes to you wanting to keep the space clutter free.  Even re-arranging where your desk and bookcases are in the room can prompt you to declutter and even give the feel of a new space.

Home Office Organization: You Can Do It!

Janene Mascarella in her article “Home Office Makeover:  Expert Tips for Sprucing up your Space” lists some tips for making your office a little more livable:

  • Views to an exterior, if possible
  • Recessed shelving
  • Plenty of storage
  • Floating shelves
  • Mobile pedestals
  • Floating, well mounted or simple parson–style desks
  • A large work table or desk placed in the middle of the room

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I love the projects presented in Design Sponge’s “23 Brilliant Ideas & Projects For Your Home Office”.  Pictures of all of the best of 23 “brilliant ideas” are shown.  Projects like converting a closet to an office, organizing by using jars on a tray for storage, using scraps of wood to form a pencil holder or smartphone holder, or a marbling technique for office supply holders are some of the most unique ideas.

Another idea is updating of personal framed pictures.  Maybe some of your child’s pictures are from several years back, and it would update the room to have current photos.

Get To Work…Organizing Your Home Office

As you see, there are some great, yet simple things to do to organize your home office.  Maybe work can actually become fun if you get organized and actually enjoy your surroundings!  OK – maybe fun is a stretch, but at least you will feel better about where you are doing the work.

Need more space to work?  Maybe you, your significant other, AND the kids are all trying to get work and school done at the same time and space is limited?  Please give me a call at (512) 771-7082 or simply click here!

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