Making healthy lifestyle changes could possibly be the most resolved resolution since the beginning of resolutions. Lifestyle choices play a huge role in our overall feelings of health, both physical and mental, and encompass a wide range of possible actions. Here’s just a quick sample of some common to-dos (maybe you’ll recognize a few?):

    • Eat more fruits & vegetables
    • Eat less: salt / sugar / “bad” fats / meat
    • Eat out less often
    • Get more exercise
    • Get more sleep
    • Relax more (meditate, take up a hobby)
    • Drink more water
    • Drink less coffee / soda / alcohol
    • Stop smoking

That’s a heckuva list and pretty overwhelming! If someone sets out to accomplish all those things tomorrow they are setting themselves up for failure in the long run. It’s a commonly accepted premise that the best way to accomplish goals such as these is to take it slow and lay out a plan (baby steps!). That doesn’t mean do each of these things a little at a time. Tackle one project and incorporate that into your life before you move on to the next action. Add a veggie night to your weekly menu or amp up your physical activity for a while before you throw a new hobby into the mix.

Countless websites are out there to help you along your path and here are a few that address the eating side of things. Whole Foods Market has a daily calendar with an action-a-day along with a 28-day program to establish new habits complete with meal plans. Food blogs are another source of inspiration for healthy cooking and eating. Check out Healthy Girl’s blog, where she lays out strategies for changing eating habits, reviews a plethora of books on the subject, as well as posts favorite recipes. The Eating Well site also has a ton of info and recipes (including ideas on healthifying your favorites).

Regardless of where you decide to start keep last week’s Quote of the Week from David Allen in mind.

keep calm