Great Tips To Decorate Your Home For Fall

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It may not feel like it right now in the Austin, Texas area, but fall is right around the corner – with warm drinks, fluffy throws, and the glow of the fireplace.  Even if the temperature doesn’t want to make you jump out of your chair and decorate your home for fall, some fun ideas might just do it!

Decorate Your Home For Fall

At, Courtney L. has some wonderful and inexpensive ideas to get everyone in the family in the mood for pumpkins and cinnamon spice scents throughout the house.  Here are just a few examples:

Paint one wall with a warm color that works in one of your spaces.  Think of all of the warm tones that autumn brings (orange, red, gold, etc.).

Also, replacing tired throw pillows with rich fall colors, bringing in seasonal plants, (such as mums), or a centerpiece rug can liven up a room for fall.

Consider a fall color (such as orange) and placing it in various areas of the room as pops of color.  For example, you could use throw pillows, a cozy blanket draped over the sofa, and some candles placed around the room to truly bring out the fall feeling.  It doesn’t cost a lot, but yet you see a big change.

You can also swap out summer style linens for rusts and greens to give a feel for the coming season.

More Great Fall Decorating Tips

HGTV’s Liz Gray has many great suggestions for decorating your home for fall.  She suggests layering area rugs with warm colors.  When it comes to decorating our homes for fall (or any other season), I think we tend to “do what we’ve always done.”  But, how fun would it be to throw a coordinating color or patterned rug on top of another one?  (And, you don’t have to try and store the rug underneath – just use it as your base rug and coordinate for fall).

Stock up on fall scented candles.  Again, you may want to think outside the box a little here. Why not burn a cinnamon candle at the same time as a pumpkin candle?  Sounds like it would smell fantastic to me!

Maybe even change out table placemats and decorations, shades, and window coverings to autumn themes.

None of these ideas have to break the bank.  With a few wise purchases, and maybe a few crafty DIY projects, you can transform your home into a complete seasonal turn-around.

Decorating Your Home To Sell? I Can Help! Simply Click Here. always has some beautiful home decorating tips.  And, they don’t disappoint when it comes to the fall season.  Laura Gaskill offers many great tips and you will want to be sure to check them all out.  Here are a few of my favorites.

I like one idea that suggests (in the mindset of saving money) heading out for the flea market and looking for loose sheets of architectural or botanical drawings for sometimes just a dollar or two, and making an art wall out of the prints.

Vintage frames can often be found at the same market to mount drawings in.  And remember, the frames can always be painted if the color isn’t right.

Another fun idea involves art books.  Art books can be really expensive, but you can scour Half Price Books or a similar store for art, architecture, or photography books, and stack them in the living area.

A fun project for the whole family is to paint a kitchen wall with chalkboard paint.  Kids would love this, and you can use it for weekly grocery lists, meal planning, or an inspirational quote of the day for the family to enjoy.  To put you in the fall/Halloween mood, you could draw a giant Jack-O-Lantern face on it!

Cozy Up To These Fall Decorating Tips

P&G Everyday offers some fun and easy DIY projects.  You can get your kids to help with these fun projects and they would have a blast creating fun ways to decorate for fall. They give step by step instructions of several projects that you will want to try.  Here are some really clever ones.

The “harvest hurrah” – grab a short, clear vase and put un-popped popcorn in the bottom.  You then group harvest corn with stalks pulled back, kernel-end-down in the loose corn.  What a cute idea for a centerpiece!

“It’s a wrap” – this suggests twining up napkins by wrapping twine around the napkins a few times and tying them up with a bow.  How is that for a simple fall spruce up for your home?

Southern Living has 89 wonderful ideas for sprucing up the home.  I won’t name all 89!  But a few of my favorites are pumpkin votives, 25 minute wreaths, the 10 minute rustic mantel, and carving out a “mumkin.”  You will want to check these and the others out!

Enjoy The Fall Season!

These are a few of the many amazing thoughts out there to get us in the mood for cooler weather.  Hopefully, you’ll find yourself dreaming of getting started to invite fall into your home.

Do you have a fall decorating tip that you would like to share?  Please tell me about it in the comments section below!

 Happy Fall, Y’all!

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