Getting Your Home Ready for Summer

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Last month we talked about getting the home ready for spring.  And though it is still spring, I thought it would be a good idea look ahead at getting your home ready for summer.  Soon, the heat will be on and there are some good ideas out there for “summerizing” both the interior and exterior of the home.  Today we will look at tips for the interior of your home, and next month we will concentrate on the lawn, garden, and the outside of your home.

Getting Your Home Ready For Summer: Interior

In a My Home Ideas article, “Get Your Home Ready for Summer” , they list 20 suggestions to help with freshening up the home.  One interesting one is literally adding fresh air by placing a houseplant next to the bathroom sink, as it helps to filter the air.  “Some of the best air-cleaning houseplants are snake plants, spider plants, English Ivy, and small-leafed rubber plants.”  Another good idea is to give a close look at the guest bedroom.  This room might not have had attention since the holidays, and freshening up linens and curtains in the room may be needed.  The article also addresses ceiling fans.  If there are rooms in the home that don’t have one, this may be the perfect time to add them for more ventilation in the summer months.

Have you considered your fireplace when getting your home ready for summer?  The My Home Ideas article did!  Placing a summer flower arrangement, plant, or just some “cool” pots could be a welcome look to an otherwise drab, unused fireplace.

I also like the thought of changing out dark linen colors with white or summery pastels to brighten up the rooms in the home.

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More Tips For Getting Your Home Ready For Summer 

In HGTV’s “Get Your Home Ready for Summer” article, there are also some great ideas.  Designer Karen McAloon says “add color above the mantel by replacing ordinary artwork with fabric-covered canvas.  A few staples around the back edges hold the material in place, making it picture perfect.”

Think of colors and how they are used in other areas of the home.  Using terra cotta in the kitchen can “bring the outdoors in”.

Another often forgotten item that can make a big difference is a change of shower curtain.  Something more suitable to the season can really help to brighten things up.

Stay Cool For The Summer      

Besides making our home more beautiful for summer with lighter décor and linens, we also need to think practical and consider ways to conserve energy during the hot months (especially as our Central Texas heat rises).

Consumer Energy Center  says getting ready for hot weather “doesn’t mean running out and buying the latest swimwear.  It means checking your home’s heat and air conditioning system.”  Although I think splashing in the pool sounds like a lot of fun!)

This is the perfect time to change out filters in the heating/cooling system.  Also, they recommend,

“change your thermostat over to “cool” and test the system by turning the temperature down.  If the air conditioner does not turn on, first check to make sure no breakers are tripped.  If you can’t figure out the problem, call your heating and air conditioning person.  Calling early may keep you from making an ‘emergency’ call when the temperatures are soaring and the repair people are too busy.”

They go on to say “consider changing your old thermostat to a programmable one.  You can save up to $100 a year by using a new set-back thermostat.”

Enjoy Your Summer    

There are so many things we can do to make our home more adaptable to the summer season.  I hope you will make use of some of these tips getting your home ready for summer.  Making our home cheery puts a whole new perspective to enjoying this time of the year with the whole family!

Please remember to check back next month for more tips on getting your home ready for summer.  Next month we will discuss the exterior of your home!

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Stay Cool!

photo credit: Wishing Tree - Living Room via photopin (license)