Get Your Home Ready for Summer: Part 2

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Previously, we looked at the interior aspects of getting your home ready for summer.   We discussed “cooling things down” from the warm winter colors regarding linens and décor.

In this second part of our summer home readiness, we will discuss the outside of the home.  So many things can be done to the home, lawn, garden, and landscaping in general to give a whole new feel to the home.  So, let’s get your home ready for summer!

Get Your Home Ready for Summer: The Lawn

We can finally start planning our gardens to give us a colorful change from the drab months of winter that, in turn, leave us with a drab yard.

Don Vandervort gives us some tips in his article “6 Ways to Get Your Yard Ready for Summer”  on how to prepare our lawns for the hotter months.

  • Control pests – signs of Aphids are curled or poorly formed leaves
  • Prepare flowerbeds – compost is excellent for this purpose, spreading it about 3 inches across the surface
  • Plant and maintain flowers and vegetables – time to plant the annuals and summer-flowering bulbs
  • Prune – while some of this was done in the winter, it’s a good idea to shape mature trees during this season
  • Take care of the lawn – dig out those pesky dandelions and apply fertilizer
  • Water and irrigate – when putting out annuals, don’t buy so many that you can’t properly keep them watered in the summer months

Some other great ideas provided by Lowe’s include mowing high and frequently. They say that the general rule of thumb is “never cut off more than a third of the grass blade.”  Other suggestions include: keeping your mower blade sharp, watering in the morning (not just wetting the grass, but really soaking it), and reseeding sparse lawns (best to do in late spring, so there’s still time).

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Did you know there are even easy ways of getting some of these somewhat tedious chores done quickly?  Check out these “10 Tech Tools to Boost Your Garden Game” and see how easy it can be for you to get your yard in tip-top shape!  This wonderful illustration our friends at have provided can take some of the worry and hassle out of some of your lawn maintenance.

Get Your Home Ready for Summer: The Home

It’s time to examine the gutters as well or have someone check them out for you.  Be sure they are cleaned out and ready for the new season.  Another consideration is your roof.  We’ve had some hail storms this spring, so making sure the roof is in good condition is a must.  You might also want to consider solar screens to help out with this Texas heat.  This is an excellent way to save on energy and money.

Painting the front door a bright, new color might even be an option.  This can change the whole look of the home.

Another fun idea is to go to a flea market or a funky store on South Congress (SoCo) and grab a fun art piece or sculpture to use in the yard.  It might be ready to use, or you could paint it in your own style.  What better way to say “I live in Austin” than that?  A firepit might also be in your plan.  What fun to roast some s’mores on a lazy summer evening around the fire.

Get Your Home Ready For Summer: The Flowers

Now that we’ve prepared our lawns and are ready to really put some color in our yard, there are a variety of flowers that are known to do best in our hot climate.

Our friends at have compiled a very detailed list of “21 Perennial Flowers that Bloom All Summer.”  They not only list the flowers but how to pick the correct flowers, how to plant them, and how to prune them.  So, when you are looking to add a splash of color to your front lawn, you may want to take a look at this list first.

A Little Planning Can Equal Big Rewards

As you can see, maintaining a lawn and sprucing up the exterior of the home that will be the envy of the block doesn’t require an immense amount of time or money.  If we put some planning into what we want to do, and what plants to put in the flowerbeds, everything should go smoothly.  Drawing a diagram of exact projects and planting to be done will also help to cut the guesswork as you revamp.  So much of the work can easily be a fun family project, and since everyone helped, each family member will enjoy the summer outside even more!

Are You Getting Your Home Ready For Summer?

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How do you get the outside of your home ready for summer? Please leave your ideas in the comments section below.

photo credit: St Catherines Ontario ~ Canada ~ Yates Street Heritage District via photopin (license)