Easy Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas

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Thanksgiving is fast approaching, and you’re looking forward to visiting with the family and getting the fantastic feast on the table.  The problem is that sometimes cooking and preparing gets in the way of the visiting.  We find ourselves in the kitchen while everyone is catching up and having a great time!

Maybe you are wondering if there are foods that will take less time so you can free yourself up to join the family, or you would like to plan ahead, so you can join in the fun.  You need some easy Thanksgiving dinner ideas!

Easy Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas

The Food Network gives us “34 Easiest-Ever Thanksgiving Dinner Recipes.”  They offer some ideas and recipes that would save quite a bit of time on the big day. Some of the ideas offered are:

  • Air Fryer Thanksgiving Turkey – It seems like everyone has an air fryer these days. Why not try air frying your turkey?
  • 10-Minute Cracker Pumpkin Pie – A no-bake dessert.  What could be simpler?
  • World’s Simplest Thanksgiving Turkey – I don’t know if it stands up to its name – but that is a huge claim, and worth a try!

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More Ideas To Make Thanksgiving Dinner Easy

Some more easy Thanksgiving dinner ideas involve getting the prep work done early.  it is helpful prepare as much as we can on the day before, freeing up time on Thanksgiving.

Day-before-dishes that can help us to this end are cranberry sauce, cakes and pies, making cornbread for stuffing, putting together the stuffing, prepping the green beans, and preparing the sweet potatoes.

Another key detail to do ahead is to set the table before the actual day.  Put out the salt and pepper, and get out all of the necessary serving platters and bowls that you will need in advance.  It’s amazing how many minutes doing these little things can add to your day. Also, any appetizers or side trays such as stuffed celery can be put on their dishes early and stored in the refrigerator.

Also, clean out your fridge a day or two before, leaving room for leftovers, instead of having to take the time to move things around to squeeze food in.

Another idea is to shop for non-perishables well in advance, as popular canned items tend to go fast.  This can prevent you from possibly having to shop at more grocery stores to find the item you need.

A great hint is you can use your crock pot as a food warmer for such foods as mashed potatoes, enabling you to make them ahead and not worry about them getting cold.

I Am Thankful For…You!

As you can see, there are many ways to give us that cherished time on Thanksgiving visiting with our friends and families. We just need to think ahead and do anything we can before everyone arrives to give ourselves a more enjoyable and relaxing day.

And, with Thanksgiving almost here, I would like to take a moment to say that I am very Thankful for all of my wonderful clients (past and present).  You truly make being your Austin REALTOR® a joy!  Thank you!

🦃 Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃

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