Easy Christmas Centerpieces

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The first items on our mind when decorating for Christmas are usually the mantelpiece, the tree, and our lights outside.  We also have the menu on our mind – maybe something different this year, as well as the traditional dishes.

But one decorating item might be a last-minute thought, but yet something you want to really showcase in your home.  Your table centerpiece can easily set the tone for the big day. Everyone eating dinner will see it and this is one item that you can manage to have the compliments pouring in.

The problem is that not all of us are talented in this area.  We need something relatively easy, but made to look like we have a semi-professional skill.  We’re in luck!  Let’s take a look at some easy Christmas centerpieces that will wow our family and friends.

Easy Christmas Centerpieces To Wow Your Family

Better Homes and Gardens gives us some ideas for easy-to-make Christmas centerpieces.  Some examples are:

  • Dishware Christmas centerpiece – Pull creamer and sugar sets and cups out of the china cabinet and put bottle brush trees in them with a few tiny ornaments on the trees. Display them on a cake stand, and what a beautiful centerpiece you have!
  • Amaryllis and cranberries in a glass bowl – colorful and super simple
  • Terrarium centerpiece – Create a winter wonderland inside a clear glass bulb terrarium. With a base of faux snow, tuck in a miniature house and small branches.  Place on a footed cake stand, and voila, you have created a wonderful scene.
  • Go long – With a long runner extending the length of the table, you can simply put your choice of colored large ornaments, greenery, and short candles. Keep it low, so guests can talk over the design.
  • Woodlands centerpiece – Combine natural materials, such as bark, evergreen, and pine cones. Add some poinsettia leaves for a splash of color.
  • Teapot centerpiece – Pull out your favorite teapot, and place poinsettias inside for a super easy, but cute display!
  • Wrapped and Stacked centerpiece – This involves stacking monochromatic boxes in varying patterns atop a footed cake plate. Have ribbons coming down the sides of the boxes and a bow at the top!

These all sound really fun and easy, not taking much of your time to arrange.

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Easy Christmas Centerpieces To Wow Your Friends

HGTV also offers some “eye-catching Christmas centerpieces” that sound like they would not require much work.

  • Classic silver and white centerpiece – This arrangement uses whatever dishes you might have on hand, using a white soup tureen with silver cups or white cups around it. Add greenery and ornaments around them.
  • Reflective centerpiece – Surround a white hurricane with glass ornaments, maybe silver and blue for a soft touch, or bright red and white ornaments for a festive touch. Place on a glass or white platter.
  • A contemporary arrangement – Instead of traditional poinsettias, decorate using white hydrangeas and pink carnations in white vases for a different look.
  • Branch centerpiece – For something extra simple, just gather some tall branches and put them in a tall vase, and sprinkle some faux snow on the branches.

These ideas not only fit the “easy” category, but sound really fun to make.  They won’t take a lot out of your busy time, and everyone at the dinner table will marvel at your talent!

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Merry Christmas!

photo credit: wwarby Santa and Little Bird via photopin (license)