Lightning Thunderstorm July 12 2011 Strikes over the City BW

Published Image Size: 320 × 170
lightning strikes with house nearby, lightning, corrugated stainless steel tubing, csst, sherri williams realtor, keller williams realty, top austin realtor

Black and white fine art version. This was North of the 66 on County Line. I worked on a great composition but rain was the enemy and you always have to protect your gear. It did not work out. So I shot south where it was hitting and thought these would be great images but I am very disappointed in the finals so they will not be in the gallery. One of the best lightning shows I have seen and as always I spend most of my time looking for a fantastic composition I might be working on and have in my mind… sometimes they work… sometimes they don’t and well… these were not what I was looking for. Also I saw a couple big transformers blow. That is some sight to see it is a big round glow and last a few seconds. Amazing

lightning strikes with house nearby