Beat the heat

It’s official….summer has most definitely arrived in Austin and is taking no prisoners. We’ve been fortunate to have a little rain so the grass and trees aren’t quite as crispy as they could be but the heat has settled in and doesn’t look like it’s heading out any time soon.

So, what to do when it’s this dang hot? You can only stay indoors so long before starting to wither up and you certainly don’t want to leave a permanent indentation on your couch. Well, nothing beats the heat of summer like a good old-fashioned swimming hole. Barton Springs fits the Three C’s criteria perfectly: close, cold and convenient. Plus, the people-watching provides a bonus layer of entertainment. If it’s too busy at Barton Springs head over to Deep Eddy or check out one of the other City of Austin pools. Don’t be afraid to explore beyond – Pace Bend, Hamilton Pool, Krause Springs, McKinney Falls, Pedernales Falls, and Blue Hole are just a few of the gems all within an hour drive of Austin. You can see a full listing complete with descriptions here.

Alright, off you go! Last one in is a rotten egg!