Austin Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

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February 14th is in a few days!  Yes…it is right around the corner!  Are you looking for something special to give to your Valentine?  Are you tired of giving candy and flowers?  The saying in Austin is “Keep Austin Weird,” so why not do something different for Valentine’s Day?  It doesn’t have to be “weird,” but there certainly is no lack of creativity in this vibrant city.  So, let’s think of some great Austin Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your loved one.

Austin Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas: No Candy Please

Austin is known for having many health conscious individuals.  That is wonderful!  So, your Valentine may not want a huge heart shaped box full of candy when you go out on February 14th.  “But Sherri,” you say, “what else could I give?” I’m glad you asked.  How about trying some fun ideas that don’t have so much sugar, but still taste great?  Here are some fun examples:

  • Bring over a favorite bottle of wine or sparkling water with a selection of fine cheeses
  • Pack a picnic basket full of his/her favorite foods and have a picnic in a park (or right in the middle of the living room).
  • Cook a healthy meal for your Valentine while they simply sit back and enjoy your company (and you avoid the restaurant crowds).
  • Cut fruit into heart shapes and wrap it up in a festive Valentine box. If you know your Valentine prefers fruit to candy, won’t they be excited to open the box and find their favorites packaged with love?

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Austin Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas: No Flowers Please

Many people love flowers on Valentine’s Day and that is great!  If you know that you will see a giant smile on your Valentine’s face from a dozen red roses, then you should definitely get a beautiful bouquet!  But, fresh cut flowers will only last for so many days.  Have you ever considered a plant or tree that can grow and last much longer?  Many people in our great city of Austin are very environmentally conscious.  We should be…we have a beautiful city!  So, your Valentine may prefer something a little different.  For example:

  • Try giving your Valentine a beautiful flowering bush they can plant in their yard. This way they will think of you every time they look at it.
  • Does your Valentine live in a space with limited outdoor areas (for example, an apartment)? They might enjoy a container garden to set on their patio.  It could include different types of flowers or you may consider a vegetable container garden if they love veggies.  Just remember to consider the amount of shade and sun their patio receives when picking the plants.
  • Another idea is to plant a tree in honor of your Valentine. Trees are wonderful for our environment.  Talk to the employees at a nursery to find out what trees would grow best in our Central Texas climate and then buy a small tree that will flourish and grow for many years to come.  How excited will your Valentine be to have a nice shade tree in his/her yard to help with our Texas heat?

Austin Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas: No Jewelry Please

What?  No jewelry!  Ok…I think everyone still wants jewelry.  But, if diamonds aren’t in your budget, I still have some fun alternatives for you.

  • If you really want to buy fine jewelry but can’t afford diamonds, there are many beautiful gemstones that may be within your budget.
  • Watch for sales! (And not always at the jewelry stores).  Many stores (even the big box stores) have sales on jewelry right before Valentine’s Day.
  • If your Valentine loves to wear “bling” and loves costume jewelry, here is a fun recommendation. Find a store that sells beautiful costume jewelry and either (1) buy your Valentine a gift card and go with them to pick out their jewelry (yes…shopping with them is part of your gift!) or (2) pick out a lot of items that are within your budget.  Try to be creative.  Be colorful and have fun!  This is a wonderful way to show someone that you think they are special without blowing your budget.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Austin!

I hope this has given you some fun and non-traditional ideas for some Austin Valentine treats.  Just remember, your Valentine wants to spend time with you!  The gifts are wonderful, and actually more special, when you put thought and energy into them.  But, at the end of the day, it is about spending time with each other and enjoying each other’s company.  And, what better place to spend with your loved one than Austin?

♥Happy Valentine’s Day!♥

What are some ways to spoil your Valentine in Austin that you have tried?  I’d love to hear from you!

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