Assisted Living in Austin and How To Pay For It!

These are our “golden years” and we want to spend them enjoying family, friends, hobbies, and so much more. Occasionally, we need a little bit of help doing those things. This is where Assisted Living might be a fantastic option. Maybe independent living has become a bit of a challenge and some assistance is needed (hence, the term “assisted living”). Please see my blog post entitled, “Senior Living Options In Austin” for a description of the different types of housing for senior citizens.

However, assisted living can be expensive. There are options in levels of care as well as creative ways to pay. Let’s take a look at a few…

Levels of Care in Assisted Living

While every facility differs in its exact polices and fees, most are structured around the principal that the higher the level of care the person will need, the higher the cost to the resident. For example, if a resident needs help bathing or showering this will cost more than a resident who does not.

Our friends at give us wonderful insights into how facilities look at levels of care and how they affect pricing. Take a look at their article, “Assisted Living Costs and Ways to Pay” and you can see just how each daily living component can affect the pricing.

How To Pay for Assisted Living

Costs for assisted living care vary significantly across Texas. Some of the cheapest areas include Texarkana and Waco, with respective average rates of $2,770 and $2,800. Conversely, Victoria has some of the state’s highest average costs of $5,600. Median costs are relatively high in the state capital of Austin, where assisted living care costs around $5,345 each month. Seniors in Houston, Dallas and El Paso pay lower than the national average, with costs of $4,245, $4,195 and $3,750 respectively.  

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Those are some staggering numbers, aren’t they? So, how do we afford to enjoy our “golden years” without breaking the bank? There are some resources that you may want to consider researching such as: long term care insurance, VA, and other resources for seniors. Please take a look at the comprehensive list included in this article by entitled, “Assisted Living in Texas.”

Downsizing in Austin

The reality is that we all need some assistance throughout our lives. Leaning on each other is helpful for the caregiver and the person receiving the care. And, for many of us, we will need an assisted living facility as we move forward into our senior years.

If you or a loved one find that you are downsizing in the Austin area – whether to an assisted living, a smaller home, etc. I would be honored to help make this transition easier for you. Please give me a call at 512-771-7082 and let’s chat about your options.