And The Winner Is…

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When selling your home, what do you think of most? Well, you probably ask yourself, “How much can I get for it?” And, that is a very important first thought.  But, many factors can go into that number.  What do I mean by that you ask?  And, why did I title this article, “And The Winner Is…?”  Hmm…read on and find out!

And The Winner Is…

I like to compare selling your home to a beauty pageant.  We’ve all seen a beauty pageant.  It’s filled with many beautiful people looking their absolute best so that the judge will pick them as the winner. Sure – they answer difficult and, sometimes even, politically charged questions.  They answer these difficult questions with great intelligence and grace.  They also show off their many talents.  And, wow, can those contestants sing, dance, play an instrument, etc.  It’s amazing!

However, as talented and intelligent as they all are (and there is no denying that they all are), there is one thing they all have in common…they are all beautiful.  Ultimately, the judges will say “And The Winner Is…” to the most beautiful, talented, and intelligent person in the pageant.

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Selling Your Home = Beauty Pageant Contestant

So, how does a beauty pageant compare to selling your home?  There is much we can learn from a beauty pageant competition!  Because, ultimately, buyers are judging your home along with all other homes currently on the market in your area. You want the buyers (judges) to say, “And The Winner Is…YOU!”  Let’s think about that for a moment.

And The Winner Is…YOU

Just like a beauty pageant, selling your home has competition in which the contestants (in this case, homes on the market) have certain things in common.

  • They all want to sell for top dollar, but should price correctly for the market and other conditions. For this example, let’s assume that buyers are looking at homes within a certain price range (as they usually do) and that your home is listed within the same price range as other homes that they are viewing.
  • Your competitors are those homes listed in your area. Therefore, “location, location, location” is the same for everyone when considering your competition.
  • Sellers generally try to make their homes look nice while selling.

As you can see, just like beauty pageant contestants have certain similarities (great talent, intelligence, and beauty), homes for sale have certain similarities too (price range, location, and trying to look their best).  Therefore, we need to look at what makes the judges say to one beauty pageant contestant, “And The Winner Is…YOU!”  They are all talented, intelligent, and beautiful.  However, one stands out.

What makes your home stand out?

The “beautiful” homes are generally those that will sell for top dollar in the least amount of days on market.  And, please remember, you aren’t the judge – the buyers looking at your home are.  So, you will need to remove the emotion as you walk through your home and “judge” it for yourself.  Start with these questions:

  • Is my home updated? For example, what was great design in the 1990’s, may not look wonderful to today’s buyer.
  • Is my yard well maintained? Do I need to trim some bushes and trees, plant some flowers, etc?
  • Do I have too many family pictures on the wall? Buyers like to picture themselves living in the home.
  • Do I need to clear the clutter?
  • Do my closets/pantry show how large they really are or do I have too much stuff in them?
  • Does my home have an offensive odor that I have become used to? For example, pet or cigarette odors.
  • Are there any maintenance issues that I need to take care of prior to selling my home?
  • Do I need to have my carpets professionally cleaned? Do I need to have a cleaning service come in and clean my entire home with a deep clean?
  • Should I call a REALTOR® to list my home?

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