3 Questions To Ask Your Austin TX Real Estate Agent

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The real estate market in Austin, Texas is booming.  Prices are actually at an all-time high which means that if you have ever thought of selling…now may be the time.  According to the Austin Board of Realtors, the average price of a home in Austin has gone up while the inventory remained unchanged last month (but the number of homes available is still considered too low).

It’s a simple supply and demand issue.  If you are looking to sell, the Austin real estate market could use your home in its low inventory and you obviously would like to get top dollar for it.

Here’s the deal:  Now that you realize you are ready to sell, how do you find the right REALTOR® to help you through the process?

Austin TX Real Estate Agents:  Find The Right One For You!

You need to ask yourself 3 very important questions.

1. Does your real estate agent have any references you may contact?

REALTORS® love working with people (at least I do!)  That tends to be why we got into this business in the first place.  So, when looking for a listing agent, they should be able to provide you with a list of happy clients who would gladly speak to their experience with the REALTOR® throughout the entire real estate transaction.

Question:  “Sherri, what references do you have for me?”

Answer:Do you want to hear from some of my happy clients?  I sure hope that you do!  By all means, please check out what some of my wonderful clients had to say about my service by clicking here.

“Ok…I’ve seen the references, what’s next?”

2. How does the Austin REALTOR® that you are considering perform in the industry – specifically in regards to awards received?

Let me break it down:

Everyone wants to feel that pat on the back.  Whether the award comes from your peers, your boss, or your clients…people want to be appreciated and recognized for their hard work and commitment to their craft.

“And the award goes to…”

When looking for your real estate agent in the Austin area, check out their awards online or ask them about it.  There are a lot of REALTORS® running around and most are great, but you want a top Austin REALTOR®.

Question:  “Sherri, are you a top Austin TX real estate agent?”

Answer:I sure am!  I am proud of my success and my awards that recognize my hard work.  I invite you look at the awards and recognitions that I have achieved throughout my career by clicking here.

Click Here & I’ll Get To Work For You

3. Finally, ask your real estate agent what they bring to the table that is different than everyone else in the industry?

Question:  “Sherri, I’m not sure what you mean by that.  Doesn’t a REALTOR® just need to sell my home?”

Answer:No…the process really is not that simple.  You want an experienced real estate agent in Austin that knows other industry leaders that will be necessary throughout the sale of your home.

For example, I know many lenders and I have a very good rapport with many agents in town.  This comes from my years of working in the real estate business and striving to provide my clients with the best possible service that I can give.

So, when selling your home, I already have the excellent business relationships established to get the job done!

“Let’s Sell My Austin Home!”

That’s what I like to hear.  I hope these questions give you a guide to help you choose the right real estate agent in the Austin, Texas area (or anywhere, really) for you.It’s important to do your research and choose carefully.  And, if you would like to hear more about my real estate experience in the Austin area, I would love to visit with you.Please give me a call at (512) 732-3820 or simply fill out my contact form online and I will get right back to you.  I would love to connect with you socially as well.Please “like” my Facebook page by clicking here.  And, please connect with me on Google+ by clicking here.

I look very forward to hearing from you!

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