3 More Tips For Staging Your Home

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As promised, I would like to continue talking about staging your home to get ready to sell.  The Austin, Texas real estate market is hot right now and many sellers want to take advantage of that.  But, you don’t want to leave money on the table (so to speak), by not allowing your home to show as beautifully as it really should.  (By the way…please don’t literally leave money on the table when staging your home either!)  So, let’s look at some more tips.  We already discussed the most important: de-clutter and clean up!Please click here for my first article (tips 1-3) on staging your home.

Staging Your Home In The Austin Area

4.  Define Each Room – No, I don’t mean have a dictionary in every room. What I mean is please make sure that all of your rooms have a purpose and that the purpose makes sense to a potential buyer.  For example, do you use your dining room table as your office?  Clear that computer and those work papers off.  If the room is a dining room, then please show it as a dining room.  I have another funny example.  I have a friend who plans on staying in her home for many years to come.  She and her husband like to keep fit.  They aren’t using their spare bedroom, so they turned it into a gym.  It’s a lovely gym, but my friend knows that when she does want to sell she will need to store all of that equipment in an off-site storage facility and return the bedroom to a bedroom (complete with a nice guest daybed or something comparable). Please don’t make your potential buyers try to imagine what it would look like – show them.

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5.  Complete Small Maintenance Projects Prior To Placing Your Home On the Market – We all have small items in our homes that need attention that we have probably put off doing. Maybe you have some walls that need some touch up paint or maybe you need to caulk around windows.Take a look around and see if there are any minor projects that you can go ahead and complete now.  This shows any potential buyers that you have cared for the property and tried to maintain it.

6.  A Rose By Any Other Name Would Smell As Sweet – Fresh flowers aren’t a must but, wow, do those little details make a huge difference to some potential buyers. When you stage your home for the season, it just freshens your whole look.  For example, during the spring fresh cut flowers in a vase on your table and some brightly colored throw pillows on your couch just add that special touch that says, “Welcome.”  During the fall, warm colors can have the same effect.  However, please remember my number one and number two tip though…de-clutter!  So, don’t add so many seasonal items that you end up cluttering your home.  I recommend just a few small pops of color here and there.

Let’s Stage Your Home and Get It Sold!

I hope these tips help you as you stage your home to be sold.  And, when you are ready to sell, I hope that you will consider calling me.  I have been a top real estate agent in the Austin area for many years now and I would love to put my success to work for you.So, please call me at (512) 732-3820 or click the link above and we will get your house ready for the market and SOLD!

Do you have any staging tips that you would like to share?  I would love to hear from you.  Please leave your tip in the comments section below.

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