Listing Your Home During The Holidays

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During this busy season of hustling and bustling, shopping, and parties, and more – listing your home may be the furthest idea from your mind.  However, now may be the best time for you to sell.  Or maybe you need to sell now no matter the season (moving for work or school, need to downsize or your family is expanding, etc.).  You may think that you can’t easily stage your home during the holidays.  But, don’t worry, you can use your decorations to your advantage and show potential buyers how beautiful your home really is.

Less Is More

When listing your home during the holidays, a good motto to remember is, “Less is more.”  Your home doesn’t need to look like Ebenezer Scrooge or the Grinch lives there.  However, you will want to pick and choose the decorations that you display.  While I’m sure each and every one is very special to you, some will probably need to stay in storage until next year (in your new home).

HGTV has some great tips to remember when listing your home during the holidays in their article entitled, “Staging Tips for Selling During the Holidays.”  A few of their tips that I would like to highlight include staging your space prior to decorating.  You will want to clear the clutter before you place your holiday decorations.  Also, HGTV reminds us all to complement our home’s existing color palette.  If holiday decorations clash with the colors of your home, consider decorations that show off your beautiful interior instead.

Forbes also has some insights to keep in mind when trying to sell your home during the holidays.  In their article entitled, “Sell Your Home During the Holidays” they remind us of some key tips such as:

  • Price your home right. Working with an experienced REALTOR® can help.  Please give me a call at (512) 732-3820 or click here so we can discuss your home.
  • Make your home cozy, warm, and welcoming to potential buyers who are viewing homes in the winter weather.
  • Don’t neglect the exterior of your home. In Central Texas we don’t have to worry about shoveling snow!  In fact, we have an advantage in that our mild winters allow us to plant some beautiful flowers that provide great color during the colder months.  And, make sure to rake any leaves that have fallen.

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Listing Your Home During The Holidays

As you can see, listing your home during the holidays can be a great idea.  Try to remove the emotion from your home and your decorations and look at it as a potential buyer would see it.  Is your Christmas tree taking up half of your living room?  Maybe you need a thinner tree.  Do you have a bunch of inflatable decorations in your front yard blocking the view of the house from the curb?  Or laying on the ground deflated and cluttering the yard?  Maybe those need to go back into the attic this year.

However, does your home have a beautiful archway or staircase that you can accentuate with garland?  Or do you have a large dining room in which you could set a wonderful holiday centerpiece to remind potential buyers that they will have plenty of room to gather with family and friends?  Use your holiday decorations to your advantage where you are able.

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🎄Happy Holidays!🎄

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